Hacked by Method

In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit

Christians of the world unite! Unite like the Holy Crusaders did!

Why are Christian truth speakers being silenced in other countries?
Why do they classify what they say as hate speech? Why do they let muslims spread their message?
Stand up and fight for your cause! It is your right and no one can stop you!
Take back your country! Expel all muslims and spread Christianity! The only true religion!

Message to all the Governments of the world: Continue to silence Christians and you will see the largest
uprising against islam since the first Holy Crusade. You only silence Christians and let muslims spread
their message because you are afraid. Afraid of what? When you have God on your side all fear disappears.


  • Spread the faith
  • Retrieve countries that were once Christian, even though there are no Christians left there
  • Rescue Christians in countries that were once Christian from the servitude of the infidels
  • Recover and purify consecrated places that are presently being polluted and profaned
  • Avenge blasphemous acts, or cruelties and killings of Christians (even if these took place long ago)
  • Destroy all abortion clinics worldwide. Abortion is murder in the womb. A child is a gift of God. If you do not want him, give him up for adoption. A loving and caring Christian family will take him and show him love and care. They will also teach him the way of God
  • Protest gay marriage. Gay marriage corrupts society and ultimately destroys humanity as we know it
Love and respect to: God and his Holy Kingdom. And to all the martyrs of Christian persecution.

Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven.